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I’ve been reading about two distinct predictive analytics related things called “Prospect” lately.

Kaggle Prospect

The first one is the Kaggle Prospect platform. Kaggle is, as is well known by know, a company that allows companies or other organizations to run online prediction contests, where they make a data set available and data geeks all over the world compete to construct the best predictive model. The best contestants (often) get money, and the company gets a high-quality model (I don’t think a Kaggle contest has ever failed to surpass the existing benchmark if one has existed).

However, a criticism that has been levelled at Kaggle is that the most difficult part of an analytics effort is to define the data set (what features to use, how to collect data etc.) and perhaps more importantly, the questions to ask, rather than building the actual predictive model, whereas Kaggle has provided…

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